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4 Love’s interns Jenny and Leslie

Name: Leslie Killebrew, Interior Design Intern for 4Love

Grew up: Grapevine, Texas

High School: Colleyville Heritage High School

College: Harding University

Design Inspirations: Frank Lloyd Wright is the first person that pops in my head because I have been able to see a few of his homes and they are incredible. His thought process amazes me. But I am really inspired by everything and anything. I see something I like and I’ll come up with ideas in my head of how I could make it my own. I always have a sketch book with me to write down or draw my thoughts, because I would not be able to remember everything that goes on up there.

Career Aspirations: I would love to own my own design store, maybe even design my own furniture someday. But I want to have the opportunity to work in all different environments, just so I can experience different design possibilities. I don’t necessarily want to be famous but I do want to be known as a great designer in the business.

Favorite Colors: Vibrant colors! But I don’t want to discriminate, I do really like all colors. :]

Favorite Designer: Antonio Ballatore, he won Design Star Season 4, his work always makes a statement. I like a statement.

Favorite Snack Food: Pistachios (currently) healthy and yummy!

Favorite Band/Musician: Joshua Radin (currently)

How did you hear about 4 Love? I was actually googling internships for the summer in Texas, it took me to the ACU website where they had an article about their store. I looked up their website and facebook, I saw that they were looking for an intern so I e-mailed them. I felt like it would be a good fit, and they were exactly what I was looking for!

What have you learned from interning? I have learned a lot about designing, owning a business, and handling clients. 4 Love has given me the opportunity and trust to let me choose fabrics from the Design District in Dallas, and also to choose paint samples for furniture. It has been a great learning experience because I know now which fabrics are good for upholstery, shades, etc.  Working with actual clients has given me a chance to see their thinking process and it has given me a different outlook on how I will design. Everyday is new and I am always learning something new at 4 Love. It’s been a great opportunity and I am very thankful to be apart of their studio.

Advice for future interns: Don’t be afraid to be you and don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s also something I’ve learned while working here. They would rather you ask questions than not know how to do something!

Some of my work at 4 Love:

First day I was working I picked out paint for this chair.

I made these coasters for a DIY project. If you are interested in a custom order, let us know!

Me and Jenny made these flower frames together. These are also for sale if you are interested.

Mood Boards <<For each client I make mood boards of their furniture, paint, fabric choices, and floor plans. This makes it easier for the client to see their room as a whole and for them to make quick changes.


Also, I am currently working on several projects with 4 Love’s clients! I am helping choose furniture pieces, giving them various fabric choices and also some accessory options. Keep a look out for future blog posts on the finished products!

Name: Jenny Skorusa, Graphic Design/Advertising Intern

Grew up: Lewisville, Texas

High School: Liberty Christian School

College: Abilene Christian University

Design Inspirations: I love fashion. I feel that my love of fashion is reflected in most my design.  I get a lot of inspiration from magazines and from shopping.  I like to see how different fabrics, colors and materials come together to make good design.  Being a graphic designer I not only go to magazines to get inspiration for design but also for typography, heirarchy and word design.  I really have an odd obession with typography. Band posters and CD cases are also some muses of mine.

Career Aspirations: I would love to work with a magazine or a big advertising company.  Since fashion is a big passion of mine, I would love to someday work with fashion.  Even though I am a graphic designer, my first love was drawing and painting. It would be great if in my future career I could express myself through hands on design as well as graphic design.

Favorite Colors: Bright colors.  They just make everything happier.

Favorite Designer: I really like Marc Jacobs. I love how light and effortless his Marc by Marc Jacobs line is. I’m also completely obsessed with his perfume Daisy for the exact same reason; its light, effortless, elegant and perfect for Summer.  And I really like Tory Burch for her classy use of bright colors and patterns.

Favorite Snack Food: Cookies.  I’m a sucker for cookies.

Favorite Band/Musician: I honestly love all kinds of music.  But recently I’ve been listening to Mumford and Sons a lot. I like their harmonies and their rustic sound.

How did you hear about 4 Love? One day I got an email from a girl in my social club (ACU’s version of sororities) saying that 2 former members have recently started a business an were looking for two summer interns; an interior designer and an advertising intern.  I wasn’t even looking for an internship at the time but I emailed back and next thing you know I got the internship!

What have you learned from interning? I have learned a lot about the world outside of college.  I was so nervous and unsure of my career path after graduation next fall, but since this internship I have a better grasp of what direction I would like my life to go in, and to not be afraid of what the future holds.  I have also learned more about my personally taste and have developed my style more.  It’s also been nice to see the broad range of careers I can go into as a graphic designer.  There are so many options and opportunities and I am very excited to continue to develope my style and to enter the real world.

Advice for future interns: Not to be timid.  Whether that be with your design or in the work space.  If you don’t try something, your never going to know whether it works or not. And if you need help or advice, ask. You need to explore what you are capable of and now is the perfect time to do so.

Some of my work at 4 Love:

I created 4 Love’s blog and write all of the blog posts.

I maintain the Twitter and Facebook pages.

I created a Store Info sign to go on the 4 Love’s front door

I also created the logo on the blog

Here are the cute little open/close signs I made out of picture frames and fabric.

Once again, here are the picture frames Leslie and I created together as a DIY project.

And currently I am working on a brochure and post card for 4 Love. Here’s an unfinished rough draft.

I am also currently working on a Weekly Fashion blog post that I am VERY excited about! Stay tuned for more details!


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