DIY Picture Frames and Coasters

July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here at 4 Love we’ve recently thought of some great DIY projects you can do with left over fabric.  The 2 projects we just completed are fun, easy and affordable.  They are both great ways you can spice up your home at a low cost.  All your friends will be in awe of your crafty-ness and creativity!

Here’s how we gave new life to some old picture frames!

First we got some old picture frames that needed help

After we took apart the pictures, we painted the frames with Valspar medium grey gloss finish spray paint

Then we got our left over fabric and hot glued it to the glass. You can use cardboard if you want.

Once the fabric is hot glued to the glass you can then make these cute little flower petals, depending on the size of the frame will depend on how big or small your petals are.

Fold the petals in half and hot glue the ends. Then put each petal in a circle and leave room for the center.

After you are finished making the circle of petals cut a 1-2 inch strip of fabric about 15 inches long and fold in half. Then roll it up in a swirl and hot glue to the middle of your flower. (as shown above)

For the swirly flower cut about a 1 1/2 to 2 inch strip of fabric about 42 inches long, or longer if you want it really big. Then roll it up like a cinnamon roll and let go so the strip can loosen up. (I had to kind of help it unwind so the spaces were even and looked good)

After I made the swirl flower I made small leaves for the bottom, I halved them just like before and hot glued them together. Then if you want you can add smaller flowers, be creative! :]

For the twisty flower, I cut about an inch wide and just guessed how long I wanted it to be. (It’s harder to tell though because you have to twist so I actually ended up adding more fabric to my flower.) I started to turn and twist the middle of the flower and every inch or two inches I would glue down the pieces.

After I got it started, I just repeated the same twist and twirl till I was finished. Then you can add felt to the back to keep it more secure or just hot glue it to the fabric on the glass.

Here is what the new pictures look like before we add the frame

and the final product :)

Now we’ll show you how to make homemade coasters!

You’ll need:

2 pieces of cotton fabric, 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches

1 piece of fleece or batting ( I used a insulated batting so the fabric could be protected against hot drinks) 4 x 4

1 piece of double fusible web, 4 x 4

Sewing machine, thread, scissors, iron

Measure and cut out your pieces, I found it easier to cut the double fusible web and batting after I sewed the cotton.

Then sew the 2 cotton pieces right side together, leave a 1/4 inch seam. Make sure to leave one side open.

Then attach your double fusible web and batting or fleece by ironing them to your cotton. Trim all four corners.

Turn the coasters right side out, pin the closing and sew it up all the way around. Be creative! Sometimes I sew a double stitch as shown or just one.  I also iron the coaster once I’m done sewing them.

And the once you’ve made your coasters you can put a ribbon around them and give them as a gift or place them on your coffee table!

Here are some other coasters we’ve made :)

And if your interested in buying any of these projects they are for sale!


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