Travel Thursday with Shannon: Viva Las Vegas!

August 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

Ok, so its still unbearably hot here in Dallas and I just don’t think we are going to be getting any relief from this heat for a while.  As we were sitting in our hot studio, I think the heat got to my head a little to much and I started daydreaming about a cool beach vacation (especially after talking about Cabo last week ).  Then I remembered I will be going somewhere next weekend where the heat might be just as bad as Dallas or worse, but I will be able to enjoy a cocktail (or 2…3…maybe 4 depending on how hot) as I lay in a pool or even walk around on the street…


I know your thinking, really Vegas for Travel Thursday but, I promise there is so much to be inspired from in Las Vegas! 

Las Vegas literally has something for everyone no matter what your taste or style is.  They are known for their famous casinos, theatric “ Vegas style” shows, and buffets but there is so much more to Vegas then what the stereotype is.  Vegas is really becoming a vacation destination with famous 5 star dining restaurants (Wolfgang Puck anyone?), luxurious hotels (The Wynn, Palazzo… just to name a few) and some of the best shopping around (hello 8 Chanel boutiques on one street, heaven)!

Whatever your design style is, Vegas has it for you.  From Contemporary to Italian Renaissance, even Hollywood glam, the décor in Vegas is to die for!  At night, the whole strip literally lights up with giant neon signs (in no way tacky though, ok maybe a few are) and they just glitter under the moonlight.  Many of the Casinos/Hotels are 5 star luxury at its finest, the décor in these casinos are something to stop and admire.  They are dressy and elegant but there is still an approachable feel (duh because they want you to feel comfortable loosing all your money there), but isn’t that always the solution we are trying to find when decorating a space?  Balancing elegance with comfort? The Wynn, The Encore, Bellagio, Venetian, Palazzo and The Cosmopolitan solve this ancient problem with such ease and elegance by combining rich color, lux fabrics and patterns and really embracing their design style.

One of the many reasons I enjoy vacationing in Vegas, is the fact that people still dress up to go out at night.  I know here in Dallas, places are pretty casual and I have so many nice heels and outfits that do not get nearly enough wear out of them.  The fall trends are coming out (can you imagine buying a sweater right now… gross) but the new trend is dressing up to go out!  Retro is back! Gone are the days of dressing up jeans and flip-flops being ok to wear to dinner… YAY (I literally scream for happiness).  In Vegas, You can see women in cocktail dresses just to go to a show or dinner, anything with sequins is acceptable and they bust out the “big guns” with the most gorgeous stiletto heels.  Men bring the style as well, and many actually have on suites with ties or some variation of a suite… hey at least they are finally out of their jeans and flip-flops.

Why not take a few design styles that Las Vegas has to offer and fuse them together to create the ultimate chic room!  I recently (yes this next trip wont be my first time to Vegas this summer) stayed at a new hotel on the strip that seemed to fuse Modern-Contemporary with hints of Hollywood glam and it is gorgeous!!!!  I personally am a sucker for anything Hollywood Glam, I just love sparkle whether it comes from mirrored accents like a table or from actual crystal accents like maybe candle holders or lamps.  I feel it brings some understated glam into your life, I mean why not right?


Accent your room with subtle hints of sequins, maybe through a small kidney size pillow thrown in a accent chair to dress up the space quickly and affordably.  A nice way to dress up a room but still make it livable is with fabrics.  Switching out an old cotton pillow for a velvet or silk retro pattern can make a space feel new again.  Hit up flea markets and estate sales to find affordable retro furniture or gold accents, you can always upholster anything and make it new again, just look for furniture with great lines to it.  Using deep, rich colors like an eggplant purple, burgundy reds, and even the ever-chic black and white combo can also make a space feel a little more dressy without breaking the bank.  Incorporate, modern stream line tables and chairs into the room and you will have a room that all your guest will be jealous of and it will leave them with the feeling of, “lets go to Las Vegas”.

Until next Thursday,




Travel Thursday with Shannon: Cabo San Lucas

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Hi, Shannon here!  I have not introduced my self to the “blog world” yet but I am one ½ of 4Love.  I love design; fashion and traveling… seriously those are my 3 favs!

I get a lot of my design and fashion inspiration from traveling; I really do feel it goes hand and hand.  Its amazing how much you can be inspired by exploring new places and even those places you have been to a thousand times.  It takes a little “stopping to smell the roses” but its so worth savoring every sight and sound.

Every week, we will have a post dedicated to travel and how that inspires and transitions into design.  Lets call it… Travel Thursday… I know real original right J

For this first Travel Thursday, since its summertime and I don’t know about ya’ll but yesterday we reach the 25th consecutive day that we have reach over 100 degrees here in Dallas, lets take a trip to the beach!

Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo is known for its Pacific deep blue oceans and its dessert like landscape.  I went there for the first time last summer and loved it.  I grew up going to Mexico on vacation but had never been to Cabo.  While driving to the hotel, I realized this is a very different Mexico then I was used to, there was no lush greenery, no bright tropical flowers or even palm trees but it was a dessert; with lonely trees, large cactus and dust flat land (some hills in the distance).  The landscape is not what you would expect when thinking of a tropical beach getaway, but once you get a little closer to the hotel “zone” you see why this place is so popular.  I turned my view to the left and instantly there was a gorgeous view of the deep blue ocean, palm trees and pristine white sand.

Mexico is filled with so many bright colors.  You can see it in the fabric, décor and in the local goods that are sold on the beach.  Here at 4Love we love color!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic black and white but there is just something so warm and inviting when you see a room that has color working so beautifully in it.

The most popular fashion trend right now is all things tribal.  While in Cabo, I loved seeing crisp white linens with accented with bold patterns and color.  Corals, yellows, deep orange and reds are all making their way into our clothing and jewelry so why not into your home.

A great way of incorporating a little of the tribal trend is with ikat fabric.  It can be such a great way to introduce a soft trendy pattern into your home.  Pillows, an ottoman, or even an accent chair are all budget friendly ways of updating your home into the latest trends.  Throw a few bright ikat pillows on your white or bage sofa and you instantly have a chic updated look for a low cost!

Following in the tribal trend, accent your room with natural elements as well.  Bring the outdoors, indoors (lets be honest, its too hot to be outside right now anyways).  Invest in a large potted palm (maybe try out a bright red planter or another bright color) for inside or accessorize with natural quartz and a durable Jute rug.

Hope you enjoyed your brief visit to Cabo San Lucas,

Looking forward to next Thursday when I get to share more about my travels!



Summer Fun with Trina Turk!

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Summer is here and what better way to bring in the summer than with these bright, fun, fabulous fabrics? Trina Turk has a new indoor/outdoor collection for F. Shumacher which reflects her love of vintage apparel, pattern and vivid color. These vibrant colors and patterns are perfect for summer and will look great in your home or on your patio.

Here are some of her new prints:

Here are some examples of Trina Turk’s fabric in action:

As you can see, Trina Turk’s new line is great for adding some color into any room.  It’s durable material that would look lovely out by the pool, in a dining room or at the breakfast table. You can even spice up your living room with some colorful throw pillows!

Here is a picture of some chairs that we reupholstered here at 4 Love:

If you are interested in Trina Turk’s new collection and would like to add some color to your home please stop by the studio or make an appointment with us!

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