Travel Thursday with Shannon: Cabo San Lucas

July 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi, Shannon here!  I have not introduced my self to the “blog world” yet but I am one ½ of 4Love.  I love design; fashion and traveling… seriously those are my 3 favs!

I get a lot of my design and fashion inspiration from traveling; I really do feel it goes hand and hand.  Its amazing how much you can be inspired by exploring new places and even those places you have been to a thousand times.  It takes a little “stopping to smell the roses” but its so worth savoring every sight and sound.

Every week, we will have a post dedicated to travel and how that inspires and transitions into design.  Lets call it… Travel Thursday… I know real original right J

For this first Travel Thursday, since its summertime and I don’t know about ya’ll but yesterday we reach the 25th consecutive day that we have reach over 100 degrees here in Dallas, lets take a trip to the beach!

Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo is known for its Pacific deep blue oceans and its dessert like landscape.  I went there for the first time last summer and loved it.  I grew up going to Mexico on vacation but had never been to Cabo.  While driving to the hotel, I realized this is a very different Mexico then I was used to, there was no lush greenery, no bright tropical flowers or even palm trees but it was a dessert; with lonely trees, large cactus and dust flat land (some hills in the distance).  The landscape is not what you would expect when thinking of a tropical beach getaway, but once you get a little closer to the hotel “zone” you see why this place is so popular.  I turned my view to the left and instantly there was a gorgeous view of the deep blue ocean, palm trees and pristine white sand.

Mexico is filled with so many bright colors.  You can see it in the fabric, décor and in the local goods that are sold on the beach.  Here at 4Love we love color!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic black and white but there is just something so warm and inviting when you see a room that has color working so beautifully in it.

The most popular fashion trend right now is all things tribal.  While in Cabo, I loved seeing crisp white linens with accented with bold patterns and color.  Corals, yellows, deep orange and reds are all making their way into our clothing and jewelry so why not into your home.

A great way of incorporating a little of the tribal trend is with ikat fabric.  It can be such a great way to introduce a soft trendy pattern into your home.  Pillows, an ottoman, or even an accent chair are all budget friendly ways of updating your home into the latest trends.  Throw a few bright ikat pillows on your white or bage sofa and you instantly have a chic updated look for a low cost!

Following in the tribal trend, accent your room with natural elements as well.  Bring the outdoors, indoors (lets be honest, its too hot to be outside right now anyways).  Invest in a large potted palm (maybe try out a bright red planter or another bright color) for inside or accessorize with natural quartz and a durable Jute rug.

Hope you enjoyed your brief visit to Cabo San Lucas,

Looking forward to next Thursday when I get to share more about my travels!




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