Travel Thursday with Shannon: Cabo San Lucas

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Hi, Shannon here!  I have not introduced my self to the “blog world” yet but I am one ½ of 4Love.  I love design; fashion and traveling… seriously those are my 3 favs!

I get a lot of my design and fashion inspiration from traveling; I really do feel it goes hand and hand.  Its amazing how much you can be inspired by exploring new places and even those places you have been to a thousand times.  It takes a little “stopping to smell the roses” but its so worth savoring every sight and sound.

Every week, we will have a post dedicated to travel and how that inspires and transitions into design.  Lets call it… Travel Thursday… I know real original right J

For this first Travel Thursday, since its summertime and I don’t know about ya’ll but yesterday we reach the 25th consecutive day that we have reach over 100 degrees here in Dallas, lets take a trip to the beach!

Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo is known for its Pacific deep blue oceans and its dessert like landscape.  I went there for the first time last summer and loved it.  I grew up going to Mexico on vacation but had never been to Cabo.  While driving to the hotel, I realized this is a very different Mexico then I was used to, there was no lush greenery, no bright tropical flowers or even palm trees but it was a dessert; with lonely trees, large cactus and dust flat land (some hills in the distance).  The landscape is not what you would expect when thinking of a tropical beach getaway, but once you get a little closer to the hotel “zone” you see why this place is so popular.  I turned my view to the left and instantly there was a gorgeous view of the deep blue ocean, palm trees and pristine white sand.

Mexico is filled with so many bright colors.  You can see it in the fabric, décor and in the local goods that are sold on the beach.  Here at 4Love we love color!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic black and white but there is just something so warm and inviting when you see a room that has color working so beautifully in it.

The most popular fashion trend right now is all things tribal.  While in Cabo, I loved seeing crisp white linens with accented with bold patterns and color.  Corals, yellows, deep orange and reds are all making their way into our clothing and jewelry so why not into your home.

A great way of incorporating a little of the tribal trend is with ikat fabric.  It can be such a great way to introduce a soft trendy pattern into your home.  Pillows, an ottoman, or even an accent chair are all budget friendly ways of updating your home into the latest trends.  Throw a few bright ikat pillows on your white or bage sofa and you instantly have a chic updated look for a low cost!

Following in the tribal trend, accent your room with natural elements as well.  Bring the outdoors, indoors (lets be honest, its too hot to be outside right now anyways).  Invest in a large potted palm (maybe try out a bright red planter or another bright color) for inside or accessorize with natural quartz and a durable Jute rug.

Hope you enjoyed your brief visit to Cabo San Lucas,

Looking forward to next Thursday when I get to share more about my travels!




Fashion Friday:Blue

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Welcome to our first weekly Fashion Friday blog post, YAY! Every Friday from now on we’ll have a post called Fashion Friday. This will feature what’s hot and trendy in the fashion world and show you how you can incorporate it into your home! Fashion design and interior design go hand in hand, and now we’re going to show you how you can pull from you own personal taste in fashion and make it a part of your home as well as your wardrobe.

The first trend we will be featuring is the color BLUE. Blue is versatile color that can go with well with many other shades.  It also has a wide range of emotions that can be drawn from it.  It can bring a freshness to a room or create a soothing feeling. Bright turquoises and cobalts can add a pop of color, where as navy blues and soft gray blues can tone down a room without boring you to death.

Here’s how blue can create a fresh summery look in fashionHere are some examples of how different shades of blue can create a unique feel to different rooms. 

^ The light blues in this room mixed with the brown and cream give this room a fresh look

^ The darker blues mixed with the greys and wood details give this room a rustic feel.

^In this room the navy blues is added in the accents in the pillows, lamp shade and the wall paint.

^Turquoise can be a sassy color, but notice how it doesn’t scream at you as much when paired with beige.

These are a variety of blue fabric swatches that we pulled at 4 Love

As you can see blue is a very versatile color that create a wide variety of emotions.  Blue is one of the most basic colors and one of the easiest to decorate. And its gender neutral, which is great when you want to add color to a room without it becoming too feminine. 

Getting to Know the Interns

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4 Love’s interns Jenny and Leslie

Name: Leslie Killebrew, Interior Design Intern for 4Love

Grew up: Grapevine, Texas

High School: Colleyville Heritage High School

College: Harding University

Design Inspirations: Frank Lloyd Wright is the first person that pops in my head because I have been able to see a few of his homes and they are incredible. His thought process amazes me. But I am really inspired by everything and anything. I see something I like and I’ll come up with ideas in my head of how I could make it my own. I always have a sketch book with me to write down or draw my thoughts, because I would not be able to remember everything that goes on up there.

Career Aspirations: I would love to own my own design store, maybe even design my own furniture someday. But I want to have the opportunity to work in all different environments, just so I can experience different design possibilities. I don’t necessarily want to be famous but I do want to be known as a great designer in the business.

Favorite Colors: Vibrant colors! But I don’t want to discriminate, I do really like all colors. :]

Favorite Designer: Antonio Ballatore, he won Design Star Season 4, his work always makes a statement. I like a statement.

Favorite Snack Food: Pistachios (currently) healthy and yummy!

Favorite Band/Musician: Joshua Radin (currently)

How did you hear about 4 Love? I was actually googling internships for the summer in Texas, it took me to the ACU website where they had an article about their store. I looked up their website and facebook, I saw that they were looking for an intern so I e-mailed them. I felt like it would be a good fit, and they were exactly what I was looking for!

What have you learned from interning? I have learned a lot about designing, owning a business, and handling clients. 4 Love has given me the opportunity and trust to let me choose fabrics from the Design District in Dallas, and also to choose paint samples for furniture. It has been a great learning experience because I know now which fabrics are good for upholstery, shades, etc.  Working with actual clients has given me a chance to see their thinking process and it has given me a different outlook on how I will design. Everyday is new and I am always learning something new at 4 Love. It’s been a great opportunity and I am very thankful to be apart of their studio.

Advice for future interns: Don’t be afraid to be you and don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s also something I’ve learned while working here. They would rather you ask questions than not know how to do something!

Some of my work at 4 Love:

First day I was working I picked out paint for this chair.

I made these coasters for a DIY project. If you are interested in a custom order, let us know!

Me and Jenny made these flower frames together. These are also for sale if you are interested.

Mood Boards <<For each client I make mood boards of their furniture, paint, fabric choices, and floor plans. This makes it easier for the client to see their room as a whole and for them to make quick changes.


Also, I am currently working on several projects with 4 Love’s clients! I am helping choose furniture pieces, giving them various fabric choices and also some accessory options. Keep a look out for future blog posts on the finished products!

Name: Jenny Skorusa, Graphic Design/Advertising Intern

Grew up: Lewisville, Texas

High School: Liberty Christian School

College: Abilene Christian University

Design Inspirations: I love fashion. I feel that my love of fashion is reflected in most my design.  I get a lot of inspiration from magazines and from shopping.  I like to see how different fabrics, colors and materials come together to make good design.  Being a graphic designer I not only go to magazines to get inspiration for design but also for typography, heirarchy and word design.  I really have an odd obession with typography. Band posters and CD cases are also some muses of mine.

Career Aspirations: I would love to work with a magazine or a big advertising company.  Since fashion is a big passion of mine, I would love to someday work with fashion.  Even though I am a graphic designer, my first love was drawing and painting. It would be great if in my future career I could express myself through hands on design as well as graphic design.

Favorite Colors: Bright colors.  They just make everything happier.

Favorite Designer: I really like Marc Jacobs. I love how light and effortless his Marc by Marc Jacobs line is. I’m also completely obsessed with his perfume Daisy for the exact same reason; its light, effortless, elegant and perfect for Summer.  And I really like Tory Burch for her classy use of bright colors and patterns.

Favorite Snack Food: Cookies.  I’m a sucker for cookies.

Favorite Band/Musician: I honestly love all kinds of music.  But recently I’ve been listening to Mumford and Sons a lot. I like their harmonies and their rustic sound.

How did you hear about 4 Love? One day I got an email from a girl in my social club (ACU’s version of sororities) saying that 2 former members have recently started a business an were looking for two summer interns; an interior designer and an advertising intern.  I wasn’t even looking for an internship at the time but I emailed back and next thing you know I got the internship!

What have you learned from interning? I have learned a lot about the world outside of college.  I was so nervous and unsure of my career path after graduation next fall, but since this internship I have a better grasp of what direction I would like my life to go in, and to not be afraid of what the future holds.  I have also learned more about my personally taste and have developed my style more.  It’s also been nice to see the broad range of careers I can go into as a graphic designer.  There are so many options and opportunities and I am very excited to continue to develope my style and to enter the real world.

Advice for future interns: Not to be timid.  Whether that be with your design or in the work space.  If you don’t try something, your never going to know whether it works or not. And if you need help or advice, ask. You need to explore what you are capable of and now is the perfect time to do so.

Some of my work at 4 Love:

I created 4 Love’s blog and write all of the blog posts.

I maintain the Twitter and Facebook pages.

I created a Store Info sign to go on the 4 Love’s front door

I also created the logo on the blog

Here are the cute little open/close signs I made out of picture frames and fabric.

Once again, here are the picture frames Leslie and I created together as a DIY project.

And currently I am working on a brochure and post card for 4 Love. Here’s an unfinished rough draft.

I am also currently working on a Weekly Fashion blog post that I am VERY excited about! Stay tuned for more details!

Feng Shui Your House!

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Feng Shui has become a major phenomenon around the world, but it is not a new one.  Since ancient times, people have harnessed the forces of nature and energy to improve their environment and way of life.  Feng Shui can be traced to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India and China. Back then it was initially applied to burial grounds, but now its a way to arrange your home to get the most positive energy possible.

The art of Feng Shui can be complicated and confusing but here are some basics you need to know.

Chi. Chi is the subtle charge of electromagnetic energy that runs through everything. Chi can run through your body as well as your home.

Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are words used to describe different forms of chi. Yin is slower, more dispersed and cooler. Yang is faster, more compressed and hotter.

The Five Elements. These define how chi energies interact with each other. They are named after elements found in nature: wood, fire, soil, metal and water.

The Bagua is an octagonal grid containing the directions of eight. Once you find the center of your home you can make a transparency of this chart and place it over the floor plans of your house. Make sure the center of the diagram is in the center of your house. Your transparency tells you the direction, the symbol that describes the trigram, and the element, along with suggestions for colors and materials – which could be applied to flooring, furniture and surfaces. It also notes what qualities are associated with that part of your home, with suggestions for boosting the energy there.  Feng Shui can be complicated, but the most important thing to understand is the rhythm and balance that different objects have.  It is important to have a good balance in your home and make sure that you place colors, shapes and materials in a way to make your home harmonious and not chaotic.

DIY Picture Frames and Coasters

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Here at 4 Love we’ve recently thought of some great DIY projects you can do with left over fabric.  The 2 projects we just completed are fun, easy and affordable.  They are both great ways you can spice up your home at a low cost.  All your friends will be in awe of your crafty-ness and creativity!

Here’s how we gave new life to some old picture frames!

First we got some old picture frames that needed help

After we took apart the pictures, we painted the frames with Valspar medium grey gloss finish spray paint

Then we got our left over fabric and hot glued it to the glass. You can use cardboard if you want.

Once the fabric is hot glued to the glass you can then make these cute little flower petals, depending on the size of the frame will depend on how big or small your petals are.

Fold the petals in half and hot glue the ends. Then put each petal in a circle and leave room for the center.

After you are finished making the circle of petals cut a 1-2 inch strip of fabric about 15 inches long and fold in half. Then roll it up in a swirl and hot glue to the middle of your flower. (as shown above)

For the swirly flower cut about a 1 1/2 to 2 inch strip of fabric about 42 inches long, or longer if you want it really big. Then roll it up like a cinnamon roll and let go so the strip can loosen up. (I had to kind of help it unwind so the spaces were even and looked good)

After I made the swirl flower I made small leaves for the bottom, I halved them just like before and hot glued them together. Then if you want you can add smaller flowers, be creative! :]

For the twisty flower, I cut about an inch wide and just guessed how long I wanted it to be. (It’s harder to tell though because you have to twist so I actually ended up adding more fabric to my flower.) I started to turn and twist the middle of the flower and every inch or two inches I would glue down the pieces.

After I got it started, I just repeated the same twist and twirl till I was finished. Then you can add felt to the back to keep it more secure or just hot glue it to the fabric on the glass.

Here is what the new pictures look like before we add the frame

and the final product :)

Now we’ll show you how to make homemade coasters!

You’ll need:

2 pieces of cotton fabric, 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches

1 piece of fleece or batting ( I used a insulated batting so the fabric could be protected against hot drinks) 4 x 4

1 piece of double fusible web, 4 x 4

Sewing machine, thread, scissors, iron

Measure and cut out your pieces, I found it easier to cut the double fusible web and batting after I sewed the cotton.

Then sew the 2 cotton pieces right side together, leave a 1/4 inch seam. Make sure to leave one side open.

Then attach your double fusible web and batting or fleece by ironing them to your cotton. Trim all four corners.

Turn the coasters right side out, pin the closing and sew it up all the way around. Be creative! Sometimes I sew a double stitch as shown or just one.  I also iron the coaster once I’m done sewing them.

And the once you’ve made your coasters you can put a ribbon around them and give them as a gift or place them on your coffee table!

Here are some other coasters we’ve made :)

And if your interested in buying any of these projects they are for sale!

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